The pharmacy course at Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy is of 5 years. The mode of teaching is more focused on lab training and clinical tests so that students can get the maximum understanding of their course. Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy also provides practical training to its students in various renowned laboratories and clinics. The course is designed meticulously so that after the completion of the degree, the student is well equipped to perform in various scenarios pertaining to prescriptions, drugs, medications, clinical practices, and so on.

It is a large army of graduates, our colleagues, who have gone all over the world. Many of the UMSA graduates take up leading positions in their branch, have their own pharmacies, work at the Embassies and Ministries of Health, etc.

A powerful educational methodical base is being created for training highly qualified specialists. There are such departments are as the pharmacognosy, Biology, and Genetics department and the chemopharmaceutic disciplines department. Medical botany, Inorganic chemistry, Analytical, physical, and organic chemistry, methods for analysis are taught at these departments. All the departments are supplied with all the necessary equipment, reagents, and textbooks.

UMSA has the best option for foreign students who want to study pharmacy in the English medium of instructions.