Medical faculty

Medicine studies at Poltava State Medical University are conducted exactly according to the international standard of medicine study. The undergraduate program takes six years, during these six years students learn all knowledge, essential to develop skills, to become international standard doctor and practioner.

Medicine study in PSMU is modernized with highly professional teaching staff and advanced curriculum. Along with this, we have well-equipped laboratories that make the difference for our system as a whole.we have our own hospitals for student training to train the young students under the supervision of experienced professors and surgeons.

Practical training starts from the 3rd year and is arranged at government hospitals and clinics in Poltava. Students examine patients, give urgent aid, fill case histories with their subsequent analysis, practice at X-ray rooms, clinical and biochemical laboratories. For many years the Academy has been training doctors for different countries of Europe, Asia, Africa.

The medium of instruction in the Medical faculty is English Russian and Ukrainian language. The Ministry of education and the Ministry of Public health, Ukraine approved the curriculum of the medical faculty. Many countries accept the degree of PSMU including American European Asian and African countries. PSMU is highly ranked in international rankings of medical universities. It is also in top rankings in European medical universities rankings. Medicine graduates of PSMU are recognized in the whole world.

The Medical Faculty actively promotes research and teaching in the area of human medicine and has an important contribution to scientific knowledge transfer and its progress. Undergraduate teaching at the highest level, practical relevance and intensive support of the students are some of the central tasks of the Medical Faculty.

In addition, the Faculty of Medicine provides excellent opportunities for high-quality and future-oriented research.