The dentistry faculty of PSMU is famous all over the world for its skilled teaching stuff and advanced laboratories. The dentistry department of our university is one of the best department of dentistry in Europe. At the dentistry faculty, the curriculum is worked out for five academic years. The students master the basic subjects of medical and biological profiles, as well as various clinical disciplines, which are so necessary for a dentist. On condition of successful completion of the study, the graduates are given the Diploma of a doctor – dentist. The curriculum foresees further postgraduate education. The degree awarded is BDS.

Theory and practice go side by side in our undergraduate program. The main components of the educational process at the Educational-professional program “Dentistry” are practical exercises at the University Clinic, during which the opportunity is given to master modern preventive and therapeutic diagnostic dental technologies.

The teaching staff ensures the implementation of the curriculum built on the European credit transfer system-accumulative credits. We uƒse innovative teaching methods, modern forms of control and certification (“KROK-1”, “KROK-2”).

For the educational process the high-tech equipment and labs are using:

own clinical base, phantom class of therapeutic dentistry, orthopedics, orthodontics classes, dental laboratory, clinic and dental surgery, implantology cabinets, dental office, cabinets of physics, chemistry, multimedia classes. The practical training for students is organized by the Academy on the basis of dental clinics and centers.

Our goal is to train fully-qualified dentists, who will serve the public with high quality and standard of oral and dental health services and at the same time be able to offer advanced diagnosis and treatment methods to their patients and to train dentists who are able to take part in scientific research and development. Additionally, we will aim to train our students as contemporary and modern dentists by using both conventional dentistry educational methods and the digital dentistry educational methods.