Modern Learning Resource Platforms in Distance Learning

The Department of Endocrinology with Pediatric Infectious Diseases continues to work in quarantine. Living in a quarantine environment allows for self-improvement not only for students but also for teachers. They participate in many webinars, discussion clubs, and professional interdisciplinary online meetings. In particular, the head. of the Department of Endocrinology with Pediatric Infectious Diseases Professor Bobireva LE and Associate Professor Dvornik IL took part in the online webinar “Comorbid Patient with Thyroid Pathology and Cardiovascular Complications” under the guidance of prof. Mankovsky B.M. and on-line webinars on “Working with patients with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes during the Covid 19 pandemic” with the participation of prof. J. Mangia (Italy) and prof. Zhang Yukin (China).

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine N. Using an up-to-date communication training platform such as ClassRoom, GooglClass, the Viber mobile application, Janitor IL works daily with students in the 4th and 6th courses of the faculty of medicine and 4 courses of the dental faculty. Each topic is discussed in detail in accordance with the practical plan. There is also regular monitoring of the assimilation of the material during questioning, student testing, and final module control.

Associate Professors Ilchenko VI, Sizova LM, Pikul KV, Muravleva OV, Dvornik IL prepared a scientific article “Comparative analysis of measles in vaccinated and non-vaccinated children of Poltava region” in the journal “Georgian medical news” (Scopus).